With the first day's passion, amazing tastes!

Our journey for taste, which began with four kinds of products in Belgium in 2009, is continuing today with more than 60 kinds of products in the fields of meat, fish, chicken, bakery products, vegetables and pizza for offering amazing tastes to you with the first day's passion.

As the family of Beynur, we are striving to serve without compromising our understanding of quality since our foundation until today, within the frame of reasonable price principle, and with a healthy and halal production system. Having a wide service network in Europe, especially in France, Germany, Holland and Belgium, our company is taking firm steps to become a leader together with its accessibility.


100% Halal,
Healthy Products!

Top Quality

Our company offers hygienic, halal, healthy, delicious and top quality products, which are prepared by applying the latest technology in accordance with high quality standards.

Reasonable Price

As Beynur company, we have made ourselves responsible to serve our valued customers with the best price policy.

Neat Service

We have become a preferred brand at every corner of Europe. We provide our customers with fast and neat service.

Our products standing for being most delicious of your meal tables

We are continuing to offer amazing tastes with more than 60 kinds of products and with the first day's passion.

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